Executive Search & C-Suite

The formation of successful steering committees and management teams requires a rigorous, creative and independent search and assessment of candidates. We have consultants specialized by function and sector who carry out the attraction and evaluation of candidates, ensuring that we reach the best candidates in the market. We adapt the search strategy to the client’s needs using the main tools such as head hunting, searches in national and international databases, referral programs, business schools, our own database, smart search with artificial intelligence and contacts with former candidates, etc. Through our innovative talent attraction and evaluation methodology we are able to reach excellent executives and make them available to our clients.


We evaluate managers cross-sectionally and 360º. Our evaluation methodology is the only one on the market that combines the classic technical fit evaluation practices with the evaluation of soft skills or soft skills that are in high demand today, such as emotional intelligence, managerial skills, cultural fit and values. These soft skills are the determining factors for success in a management team according to Harvard University.

Market research - Mapping

Also known as talent mapping. This is a detailed investigation of a specific sector and position in order to identify profiles and talent in a specific organization, geographical area or sector of interest to the client. Market and talent studies provide knowledge of the market and the way the competitors are doing with regard to their people policies and thus allows us to compare it with the company’s own behavior in order to make decisions.

Executive coaching & Mentoring

Executive coaching is one of the most successful and influential tools when it comes to management and other professional development. It is a methodology awarded by international institutions such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and by companies and executives all over the world. A management team that is up to date in terms of leadership, motivation, knowledge of its environment and aware of its strengths is a more competitive and effective team. At Way&Sat we have professionals with extensive experience in executive and team coaching. We accompany management teams in companies of all sizes and businesses to help them achieve their development objectives.