About us

More than 15 years of experience in executive search

Team of executives for executive search

The Way&Sat team is made up of executives who are in the business world and understand the current needs of companies. We have more than 15 years of experience in conducting successful national and international searches. 

Market intelligence for your people strategy

At Way&Sat we feel privileged because we are very knowledgeable about the ecosystem in which we operate. Each search generates a lot of relevant information through contact with candidates, clients, different sectorial associations, etc. We are aware that this information, treated in a confidential and constructive manner, is a great help to our clients 

Why clients hire us

Single point of contact

A single interlocutor for all the services that knows your company and advises you.

At Way&Sat we believe that it is strategic to have a person dedicated to your company to whom you can trust all the searches and who is a benchmark in the local market. Through your interlocutor you can access and manage the provision of all our services. It allows our clients to obtain the same level of service regardless of where the service is provided.

Advanced methodology. We assess the new skills needed for success

The best fit between candidate and client requires a match in terms of values, culture, personal and professional competencies, as well as a good fit at a technical level.

Traditional methodologies tend to focus on the assessment of technical competencies. Our innovative methodology adapts to each company and search. Continuous innovations in the market suggest that the skills needed to succeed in business have changed. There is a need to update assessment approaches towards more flexible methods of assessing these different competencies. We assess candidates on technical aspects such as professional experience and training as well as on aspects that are important today such as soft skills, values and competencies, etc. Each company has a culture and values that identifies it and differentiates it from other companies. We are convinced that a good fit is based on the matching of technical and soft skills. The result is a long-term relationship between the candidate and the company. It gives a competitive advantage to the company and to the candidate to stay longer in the organization.