We are facing an evolving environment, the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence, intergenerational differences, etc. As a consequence the skills needed to be successful have changed. As a result, recruitment needs are changing and traditional approaches to executive search have lost relevance. This changing environment makes it necessary to study and develop new methods of executive search and assessment practices to evaluate new skills and cultural issues that are key to the success of today’s organisations.

After several years of experience in executive search and internal studies, we have seen that the time executives remain in companies is decreasing, generating both direct and indirect costs, as well as other opportunity costs. The main factors that cause this failure in executive search processes are related to; the assessment of outdated skills, lack of alignment of culture, values and competencies between executives companies. Another important influencing factor is the lack of transparency during the search process when recruiting executives.

Our approach is a value proposition born to meet a very clear need in today’s market. To find the best talent in a changing and competitive environment and for this talent to remain in companies for longer. 

Through our methodology, which we call ATIR (Analysis, application of Technology, Investigation, Results), we carry out all the necessary steps to provide a search with maximum guarantees:

To do this, we make a prior diagnosis of the specific need, we determine with the client the necessary competencies for each position in order to find them in the executive to make a successful hiring. We also make a prior diagnosis of the company’s culture and values in order to compare them with the candidates.

At Way&Sat we believe that our innovative approach is the best way to generate a competitive advantage for our clients and candidates. We seek an efficient alignment between the candidate and our client in many perspectives. On a professional level we identify the most critical fit points, we assess them in the candidate both technically and competentially. On a personal level, we study the culture and values of the candidate and the company and look for a correlation that makes the relationship work in the long term.

The advantages of a steady management team are numerous;

– Less effort and investment in recruitment processes.
– Less time spent on training new hires.
– Improved image towards suppliers and customers.
– Increases the attractiveness of the employer brand.
– Increases employee productivity.

At Way&Sat we have been able to adapt our methodology to the new demands of a continuously evolving market, seeking a natural and long-lasting fit between company and executive with a technological and innovative approach.


Cultural assessment

We conduct a diagnostic of the culture and values of the client and candidate, looking for commonalities and differences. We assess the potential candidate’s flexibility to adapt to the client’s culture. This cultural diagnostic of the client is done before the first search and is used as a reference for the following searches.  

Values Assessment

We study the values that drive the client’s organisational behaviour and the candidate’s behaviour as an individual. We evaluate the correlation between them.

Competecies assessment

We define the technical and personal competencies that are relevant for the success in relation to the searched position. We assess the competencies of the candidates involved. 

Technical Assessment

Definition with the client the critical points of the search in terms of experience, technical knowledge, languages, etc., and we evaluate them in depth to ensure the fit in these critical factors.


Production of a report on each candidature with a summary of the researched aspects such as culture, values, competencies and critical points. Including an executive summary and our opinion of the application with respect to the specific position.